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Promo Easy: 6 months free → Discover the coupon
Promo Easy:
6 months free → Discover the coupon


Axerve EASY Solution

No commission, no hidden costs.
Only a monthly fee.

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Fed up with commissions?

Are you taking less than 30,000 euros a year with your POS?
EASY is the revolutionary solution you were looking for: for your GPRS POS, you will only pay a monthly fee and no commission on transactions. Check out the fees we have designed for you.


Book it now

Complete the booking request for your GPRS POS with the EASY solution. One of our consultants will quickly contact you to finalize the request and send you the POS. The Easy solution is linked to your current account; it is not necessarily open a dedicated current account.

GPRS POS: Ingenico Move2500

A portable POS that allows you to accept payments wherever you are. Thanks to the free SIM with data traffic included, you will always have maximum coverage.

Self installation

Finalize your request, the POS will be directly sent to the store, ready to use.

Technical assistance

Active for all our customers, from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm, Sundays and holidays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Included services
online monitoring

Online Monitoring

In the personal area, you can check the POS transaction in real time and be updated on the progress of your business.

Buoni pasto

Meal Vouchers (Available soon)

Do you have a bar/restaurant business? Discover the advantages of having a POS that already accepts the main meal vouchers in Italy.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Your POS is enabled to immediately accept next-generation contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

From March 22 Samsung Pay is available in Italy: your Axerve device is ready to accept this new payment method.

google pay

Google Pay

Android users can pay with Google Pay using their mobile phone.

A single price without surprises

The amount of the monthly fee, according to the total amount collected by POS transaction each year. Axerve will notify you, every month the total transactions carried out by the device. In Your Account, you can check the progress of your business, anytime. There are no additional costs, even for cancellation. The fee includes the POS rental fee and the fee commissions for the processing of transactions.

€ 15 + VAT / month

If you take less than 10,000 euros per year with your POS

€ 20 + VAT / month

if you earn with your POS between 10,000 and 30,000 euros per year.

In order to activate the service, a stamp duty of 16€ is due.

Do you need a customized solution?
Discover our PREMIUM solution

Does your business need a specialized consultation? Discover our PREMIUM solution. If you take more than € 30,000 in POS transactions, create your solution directly with one of our consultants.