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Promo Easy:
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About us

Axerve develops omni-channel payment solutions for E-commerce and retail businesses, giving the opportunity to manage over 250 payment methods in 87 countries. With over 70.000 active clients, Axerve is the first payment Hub in Italy. Born from the experience of the Sella group in the field of electronic payments, it is now part of the Fabrick ecosystem.

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Conceived by a variable and ever changing market situation, even within the international market, Axerve is born with the objective of offering a solution to all requests within the acceptance of payments. Axerve offers simple solutions for the acceptance of payments within a shop, on the way and in digital form, adapting to the specific client’s needs, while presenting everything with the utmost transparency.

We believe that simplicity brings opportunity. We follow this principle in everything we do and will do, listening to our clients and anticipating their needs.

Our products

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Axerve is the new brand that encompasses the innovative offers of the Sella group. The first Hub of payments in Italy that accepts all kind of payments from all channels, physical and digital.

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Hype, leader of the Italian Fintech, is the solution for mobile payments and digital marketing, intended for the consumer market. Discover also Hype Wallet.

Do you have a small business?

With our EASY solution you will have a GPRS POS with no commission on transactions, a fixed monthly fee and you can keep track of receipts with a simple click.


Do you need a dedicated solution?

Our PREMIUM solution is suitable for all your needs. Our specialized consultants will help you to build a tailor-made solution for you and your business.