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APIs are a set of tools and procedures that can be used to access specific functions of software or a web service. Find out more.
Independent party that manages authorisations with Cards belonging to domestic and international credit and debit payment schemes.
Activity performed by the acquirer in payments management.
Alternative Payments
Alternative Payments refer to all payment methods alternative to the most common ones, such as: cash, payment cards, bank transfers.
Anti-money laundering regulation
The anti-money laundering regulation is the set of rules and laws intending to prevent and combat the recycling of the proceeds of unlawful activities.
BIN identifies the first 6 numbers of the 16 that make up the credit card number (PAN).
Biometric (biometric recognition)
Biometric recognition is a particular type of system, to identify a person on the basis of one or more biological characteristics.
CVV refers to the 3 numbers present on the back of a credit card, near the signature of the card holder.
Card Holder
Card Holder is the holder of a payment card.
Card Issuer
Card issuer is a company that issues payment cards on domestic and international payment schemes.
Card-not-present are all transactions not carried out directly by the purchaser on a POS terminal.
Refers to a transaction in which the Card Holder is physically present during payment with a POS terminal.
Currency refers to the unit of exchange intended to facilitate the transfer of goods and services.
Digital Wallet
Digital wallets are physical or software tools that make it possible to manage electronic payments.
E-money is a monetary value represented by a credit with respect to the issuer which is saved on an electronic device.
An EMI is a company that is not a bank, which exclusively provides e-money issue services.
EMV is the acronym of Europay, Mastercard and VISA and identifies the standard for the use of smart cards, POSs and ATMs.
The EPC is the decision-making and coordination body of the European banking sector with respect to payments.
False positive
False positive is used to refer to a transaction identified as fraud which, in reality, was a genuine transaction.
Fees is another word for commissions.
Friendly Fraud
Friendly Fraud is an expression used when consumers purchase an item and then open a dispute.
GCash is a digital wallet used a lot in the Philippines to make in-store purchases.
Home Banking
Home banking refers to online informational and transaction services offered by banks to their consumer customers.
Hong Leong Online
Hong Leong Online is an online payment service of HongLeong Bank, present throughout Malaysia.
Interchange (fee)
Interchange (fee) is a fee applied to a transaction with a payment card, paid by the acquirer to the issuer.
JCB is a Japanese financial services company headquartered in Tokyo, as well as a payment card issuer.
KTB netbank
KTB netbank refers to the internet banking services offered by Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited, one of the largest Thai banks.
Klarna is one of Europe’s largest banks, which offers payment solutions to more than 60 million consumers, with more than 130,000 merchants.
Liability shift
Liability shift is an expression used to describe the transfer of liability from the merchant to the issuer in the event of any fraud arising.
Local Payments
Local payments is part of the alternative payments category. used in specific countries or regions.
Magento Commerce
Part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento Commerce is one of the most used CMS platforms in the world for building e-commerce websites.
Near-field communication (NFC) is a transceiver technology that provides bidirectional wireless connectivity (RF) over short distances.
OTP (One Time Password)
OTP is a temporary password typically used to finalise an authentication.
Omnichannel refers to an approach to the customer, which takes into consideration the entirety of the purchasing experience.
PAN (Primary Account Number)
PAN is the 16-digit number, in groups of 4, printed on the front of payment cards.
PCI DSS is the acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, it is a set of requirements to guarantee the security of cardholders.
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway is the platform that enables a merchant to receive payments online.
QIWI Wallet
Qiwi is a Russian payment services provider that operates primarily in Russia, Eastern Europe, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
QR Code
QR Codes are images similar to bar codes, consisting of many black squares on a white background.
RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification)
RFID is a technology for the identification and/or automatic saving of information of objects, animals or people.
Refund Request
Refund request is made by a purchaser following a payment made subsequent to a payment.
SDD, is a electronic collections service through SEPA Direct Debit, used for recurring payments.
SEPA is the single area in which residents, businesses and entities may make and receive payments in Euro.
TLS is a cryptography protocol that allows for secure communication between the source and the payee.
Tokenization identifies a service for which the card information of the payer is replaced by tokens or numerical or alphanumerical codes.
China UnionPay, also known as UnionPay, is the only authorised credit card issuer in the People’s Republic of China.
Value date
Value Date is the date starting from which interest accrued begins being calculated on a sum of money credited to or debited.
Virtual POS
The expression virtual POS typically has two meanings. The first corresponds to the payment gateway.
Visa is an international company that provides technological payment solutions.
Wechat is an international company that provides technological payment solutions, enabling consumers, businesses to use electronic payments.
WooCommerce is a plugin for creating e-commerce on websites developed with Wordpress.
XL Tunai
XL Tunai is the digital wallet created by XL axiata, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Indonesia.
Yandex is a Russian information technology company that created the largest search engine in Russia.
alternative payments
Alternative Payments refer to all payment methods alternative to the most common ones, such as: cash, payment cards, bank transfers.

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