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Workspace breakdown

Workspace breakdown

By clicking on “Workspace breakdown”, visible in the pop-up that appears after selecting the 3 dots to the right of the Workspace’s name, you can access the details of the workspace.

Once in this section, you can chose the following items in the WORKSPACE DATA box:

  • ID
    The unique code assigned to the workspace by Axerve.
  • Type
    Channel type (Ecommerce, Physical or Omnichannel) to which the workspace is associated.
  • Addresses and contacts
    This section shows the references relating to the Shop.

Below this box there is the list of stores in the group while on the right of the page there is the list of users assigned to the Workspace. At the top, above the list, by clicking on the pencil icon you can modify the list of users and access permissions (Edit, View and Custom Permission).

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