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Users, Roles and Permissions: the cone of visibility

Users, Roles and Permissions: the cone of visibility

The Dashboard is a collaborative tool where it is possible to connect multiple users and create work teams structured according to your needs.

A “Manager” type user can invite or delete multiple users while the “Operators” can carry out analysis or manage payments on the Workspaces to which they have been enabled.

Depending on the workspaces that have been assigned to him, a user can see a portion of data called the “cone of visibility”, which is determined by the sum of the workspaces on which he can work.

Over time, Workspaces can be added or removed from a user's visibility cone. The cone of visibility is well represented by the “Global” Workspace, created automatically by the platform, which is the sum of all the Shops that have been assigned to a user.

Then there is the concept of "controls" that are assigned to the user, that is, the viewing or modification methods associated with the user by the administrators according to the user’s roles and authorizations. An example: a user could only be enabled to capture the payments of a specific shop.

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