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Search bar

Search bar

Within the Dashboard you can search for topics and contents thanks to the search bar, which allows you to apply customised filters depending on the section you are in. Below is the list of sections and applicable filters:

Email, name (or surname) of the User, Organization, Role (e.g. administrator, manager, operator), Workspace.

Name, type (group, shop or custom), type (Ecommerce, Point of Sale, Omnichannel)

Control name, permission name (the action that the assigned user can perform)

Invoice number, VAT number, invoice status (e.g. paid, overdue, etc.)

3DS (if the protocols have been applied to the payment), bank transaction id (card issuing nationality), bin (identification number of the issuing bank) and channels (e.g. POS, online, etc.) are just some of the filters applicable in the Payments research phase. You can view the complete list by clicking on the “i - See suggestions” in the lower left corner of the pop-up window once you click on the search bar.

Frequency (of receipt of the Report), channel (e-mail or FTP), e-mail, format (csv, xls, txt), name of the Report, status of the Report (active or paused), type (eg, payments, overview, etc.).

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