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Payment status

Payment status

There are several types of payment status from its beginning to its end:

The payment was sent to the issuer that authorised the request. At this point, the money is bound to the buyer's payment instrument but not transferred yet to the merchant. This status is also displayed if the payment was partially captured.

A payment that was only authorized and not captured was canceled by the merchant.

After the payment was authorized, a request was made by the merchant to transfer the funds from the buyer's payment instrument to the merchant’s bank account. The capture can be concurrent with the authorization or deferred for a period up to 25 days. This status is also displayed if the capture is partial.

Payment authorization was requested but the operation was not successful. By clicking on the i to the right of the status it is possible to learn more about the reasons.

This status is shown in the case of an authorized payment that has not yet been assigned an authorization code.

Capture in progress
This status identifies a payment for which a capture request has been made that has not yet been accepted.

Refund in progress
This status identifies a payment for which a refund request has been made but has not yet been accepted.

The payment was fully refunded, as requested by the merchant.


Each status, excluding Failed and Refunded, can be followed by a different status established by a merchant’s action or automatically, depending on the payment phase.

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