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Payment – rapid filters

Payment – rapid filters

Within the Payments section of the Dashboard, you can set rapid filters to customize the list of payments displayed.

Specifically, it is possible to filter:

  • Circuit
    This filter allows you to select the circuits and/or any alternative payment systems to be displayed.
  • Date
    This filter allows you to define the time frame for the chosen payments.
  • Guaranteed Payment
    If the Axerve Guaranteed Payment fraud prevention service has been activated, you can decide to view either payments authorized or blocked by the service (identified by badges of different colors).
  • Amount
    The platform allows you to choose a range of payment amount to be displayed.
  • Methods
    You can choose to view only specific payment methods.
  • Custom filters
    The Dashboard includes the possibility to save custom filters (presets), which can then be chosen from a list, avoiding to specify the frequently used criteria each time.
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