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Payments event list

Payments event list

The second tab available within the Payments section is called "Events", where you can view the list of events containing all the payment statuses in chronological order.

The "Events" tab contains the following information:

    The identification number of the order.
    The authorized payment amount.
    A specific event related to an amount. 
    The identification number of the payment. 
    The total fees applied in the timeframe.
    The payment reference channel.

Additional information, which can be found in the columns of the event list, divided by categories, can be selected and added to the list by clicking on the pencil icon at the top right of the page.

By clicking on the 'Filter' button, you can access a window in which you can choose any filters relating to Events.  

Specifically, it is possible to define:

  • Circuit
    This filter allows you to select the circuits and/or any alternative payment systems to be displayed. 
  • Date Type
    Allows you to define the time frame for the events concerned and also to select the following date types: 
     - Event date
    - Transfer date
    - Transfer value date
    - Authentication date
  • Axerve Guaranteed Payment 
    If the fraud prevention service Axerve Guaranteed Payment has been activated, you can choose to display only those payments authorised or blocked by the service (identified by differently coloured badges).
  • Amount interval 
    The platform allows you to choose a range of payment amount to be displayed.
  • Method 
    You can choose to display only specific payment methods, as shown in the image.
  • Custom filters 
    The Dashboard includes the possibility of saving customised filters (presets) that can then be chosen from the list, thus avoiding having to specify the relevant criteria each time.


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