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Navigation menu

Navigation menu

The Dashboard navigation menu consists of three main sections:

  • Selected Workspace 
  • Generals 
  • Configuration

The first section of the menu, called “Selected Workspace”, presents a window that allows the selection of different workspaces: “all stores”, “group of shops” or “single shop”. By default, upon entering, the user views the item "all stores" (in the presence of multiple stores), or the item "Shop name" (in the presence of a single shop).

The items belonging to this first section are: 

  • Overview
  • Payments
  • Documents

The second section of the navigation menu, "Generals", has the following items:

  • Reports
  • Transfers
  • Invoices
  • Administration

The third section of the navigation menu, "Configuration", has the following items:

  • Settings
  • Users
  • Workspaces
  • Transfer management

The profile icon, located at the bottom left, with the name and role of the user indicated, is at the end of the navigation menu.

Workspace choice

The choice of the Workspace made within the "Selected Workspace" window will affect the processing and data in the related subsections (Overview, Payments and Documents).

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