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How to create a new report

How to create a new report

In order to create a new report you need to access the Report section and click on New report.

Once you click on the button, a side panel appears that allows you to create the Report in 3 steps:

  1. Report
    This step requires you to name the Report, specify what to export (Payments or Overview), define the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or customized) and the starting date (if a frequency has been specified). If the frequency is not defined, the Report will be “Deactivated” by default until a frequency is determined.
  2. Filter
    Here you need to specify the time span (ie, the period in which payments were made) to be exported and, optionally, the Preset filter must be specified. You can create a new one by clicking on "Create Preset Filter", but if you do not specify or create a Preset filter, all payments made in the selected time interval will be exported.
  3. Model
    In the last step, you can choose the columns or data that will be present in the document and their order, by dragging the desired fields between the active ones or viceversa. It is also possible to specify the format (xslx, csv) and the type of receipt (e-mail or FTP).

By clicking on "Create report" the document will be generated and sent according to the specific choices made in the creation process.

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