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Documents management

Documents management

By clicking on the left of the menu, you will find the "Documents" section. Within this section you can view all documents and contracts. Within this page, you can also select 2 different tabs: Ecommerce and Accreditation Services.

The first tab "Ecommerce", allows you to view the documents relating to the activated services in the Dashboard. The search can be customised by choosing from the following:

  • Category 
  • Workspace (Shop name)
  • Date or Time range

By clicking on the download icon you can download the documents.

The second tab "Accreditation Services", allows you to view the signed contracts for the Dashboard features use.

Specifically, it is possible to set the search via two parameters:

  • VAT number
  • Date or Time range

By clicking on a contract, you can view the details and download the related documents.

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