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Click on the left-hand side of the menu to find the 'Documents' section. Within this section, you can view all documents and contracts relating to the subscribed services. On this page you can see two different tabs: "Axerve" and "Banca Sella".


The first tab 'Axerve' allows you to view the contracts with Axerve as acquirer, subscribed to the use of the Dashboard functions.  

The list of contracts presents the following information:

    The reference code of the contract. 
  • TYPE
    The type of service subscribed.
    The crediting currency relating to the contract.
    The registration date of the contract. 
    The contract status, which can be either:
    • Active (if the contract is active).
    Ceased (if the contract is ceased). 

By clicking on the 'Filter' icon at the top right of the box, you can filter the contracts with these parameters:

  • VAT number
  • Date or date range

By clicking on the three dots to the right of each entry in the list, you can view the details of each individual contract or download a pdf copy of each one.

Contract details

The contract detail page presents the 'Contract Code' and two different boxes:

  • General Information (Code, Contract Status, Type, Contract registration date, Contract closing date, Customer contract code (Barcode), Party requesting opening, Internal merchant credit account, Credit currency, Credit type). 
  • Summary of communications, within which you can find: 

By clicking on the "Actions" button above the 2 boxes, you can download the pdf of the contract. By clicking on the "download" icon to the right of the items in the second box "Summary of communications", you can instead download the documents relating to the communications sent in the last year.

Ecommerce documents

The second tab, 'Banca Sella', allows you to view the Ecommerce documents with the acquirer Banca Sella, relating to subscribed services.

The list of Ecommerce documents presents the following information:

    The title of the document.
    The reference category of the document.
  • DATE
    The reference date for the document.

By clicking on the 'Filter' icon at the top right of the box, documents can be filtered via these parameters:

  • Category 
  • Workspace 
  • Date or date range 

Finally, by clicking on the 'download' icon to the right of the individual items, the relevant Ecommerce documents with acquirer Banca Sella can be downloaded.

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