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Strong Customer Authentication in 2021

What are the impacts of the implementation of PSD2 in the context of Ecommerce payments? We have answered this and other questions in a document that reports an elaboration of some analysis carried out by Mastercard in the first quarter together with what was collected and analyzed by Axerve. The photograph that emerges shows that the whole system can still do a lot to improve conversion rates, evidently involved in the 2-factor authentication introduced by European legislation.

Black Friday: from American tradition to European custom

The document traces the origins and evolutions of Black Friday and analyzes the trend of pre-Christmas purchases, with a particular focus on the Italian scenario. The report also includes the analysis of the transactions, in-store and online, of Axerve merchants with in-depth analysis by product sector.

Use of cash: are we close to a cashless society?

Electronic and digital payments are growing at double-digit rates in most world economies, yet cash is still the most used payment instrument almost everywhere. In Italy, just 1 of 4 Italians says to be ready to give up cash. So how can the race to digitalisation be reconciled with the needs of all consumers?

Omnichannel: the future of payments in Italy

The concept of omnichannel has its origin in the birth of the digital consumer, at the end of the 90s. Since then, the evolution of the buying habits and the companies answers have changed, been transformed and reciprocally contaminated, prompted by the technological and digital revolution that in many ways is changing our societies.

Tokenization: the strategic tool for PSD2-compliant Ecommerce

The tokenization of credit and debit card data is essential for many Ecommerce sites. Its integration into the transaction management process relieves merchants of very expensive certifications and simultaneously improves customer experience, reducing the amount of time needed for payments.