Download for free Axerve’s latest whitepaper on payment orchestration. Find out more

Download for free Axerve’s latest whitepaper on payment orchestration. Find out more


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What is Axerve and what does it offer?

What is Axerve and what does it offer?

Updated: 11 June 2021 • Reading time: 8 minutes

Axerve is the leading Payments Hub in Italy, part of Fabrick’s fintech ecosystem, whose goal is to reshape finance with customized open banking solutions. Our roots arise from an Italian historical bank Banca Sella. And today we offer proactive dedicated support capable of guiding our clients in selecting the best solutions for their businesses worldwide. And now we are coming to the UK with our innovative and secure payment processing platform Payment Orchestra™ and Axerve Ecommerce Solutions.

Our unique strength comes from the union of two worlds. The first world focuses on innovative technology and data security in global payment methods and our experience with international clients. This innovation is blended with over a hundred-year-old tradition and expertise in the financial world from the Sella Group. We offer consulting and qualified technical and commercial support throughout our entire journey together. Watch our video to learn about our values, vision, mission, history and market share.


We create and propose solutions to meet and anticipate every need related to payment acceptance throughout all digital channels around the world and all physical channels in Italy. And above all we help merchants identify all the opportunities that innovative payment systems generate in terms of value-added services and strengthening the relationship with the final consumer.

With over 100,000 active customers in Italy we, Axerve, are a Payment Partner to Grow. We support large international corporations, retail chains and small Italian merchants every day, helping them identify all the opportunities that innovative payment systems generate in terms of strengthening the relationship with the final consumer. We support them locally and on a global level and integrate value-added services to offer a personalised user experience in every single market.

Our deep knowledge of the market, combined with innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions, allow us to help customers by understanding, anticipating and addressing their needs. We at Axerve have successfully developed a payment solutions ecosystem that can be implemented in different markets, allowing customers to achieve a high level of customisation.

We offer solutions to simplify the payment acceptance with the goal of creating all the possible conditions that would help reduce cart abandonment rate and instead increase sales opportunities.

Our offer in Italy consists in a single platform that accepts all types of payments from all channels through physical and digital gateways in a clear, simple and secure way, such as POS, Ecommerce solutions, Cashin machines and other innovative proposals. For the UK market specifically, we developed a brand-new payment gateway integration platform Payment Orchestra and in addition to that we offer you our customisable Ecommerce solutions.

Our omnichannel offer, covering 87 countries, is constantly evolving to meet markets’ ever-changing needs. We help you enable alternative payment methods all around the world, with more than 250 currently available.

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Solutions UK

Payment Orchestra™

A global payment gateway aggregator, which allows businesses to carry out international Ecommerce payments. Payment Orchestra™ provides you with proactive and dedicated support that will guide you in choosing the best solutions for your local UK or international business. Thanks to our expertise, which goes beyond payment management, we nourish Ecommerce to anticipate market needs.

A single platform where you can manage all your payment processes from multiple transactions to immediate holistic reporting. You can activate or deactivate your chosen payment systems and providers simply with a click. This multi-channel solution offers an end-to-end configuration. You can choose between a wide range of performing adapters to manage your payments safely and effectively at all times in different countries and with alternative currencies.

Payment Orchestra™ can significantly cut the costs of multiple Ecommerce integrations and become more independent from payment service providers (PSPs). The multi-solution integration system gives you the possibility to automatically switch payments to the most performing provider at the time of purchase. Quick reaction time for your infrastructure ensures a flawless buying experience for your customers.

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions is a leader in the field of Ecommerce payments, serving approximately 50% of the online stores active in Italy. The platform's offer is highly customisable based on the characteristics of each company and its business. Axerve aims to simplify the payments acceptance with the goal of creating every possible condition for its customers to reduce cart abandonment rates and instead increase sales opportunities.

The services offered by the platform include: recurring payments for automatic transactions management and also payments acceptance through call centers or automated responses without the need for further integrations. Axerve Ecommerce Solutions allows a multi-acquiring service, to ensure maximum flexibility with different acquirers.

To help retailers minimise fraudulent transactions and related costs and improve transaction approval rates, Axerve has implemented tokenisation services of the major international circuits.

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions allows to enable alternative payment methods around the world, and is in continuous expansion: there are currently more than 250 methods available that allow users to pay with a single click, with the convenience of entering card data only during the first purchase in order to improve the purchasing experience, retain customers and encourage them to purchase again.

Omnichannel solution for the Italian market

Based on the characteristics of the specific customer and its business, Axerve proposes an ecosystem of solutions that can be implemented in different markets and, by developing omnichannel cross-selling dynamics, allow merchants to achieve a high level of customisation and seize the opportunities that alternative payment systems generate if offered with an omnichannel logic.

In an increasingly connected world, the needs and behaviours of users who expect a shopping experience that adapts to their specific needs change, defining new dynamics also in the field of payments that today assume a strategic role in the relationship between merchant and end customer.

Axerve therefore lets you manage all online and in-store receipts, offering reliable, simple and secure tools. In fact, omnichannel strategies require payment solutions that integrate into structured, often complex, and at the same time very personalised environments. This is why Axerve also heavily invests in implementations by offering clear documentation, dedicated development environments and plug-ins for the major CMSs.

Thanks to the myStore and myCommerce dashboards, merchants can track every online transaction and in-store payment both with cards and cash, deposited into Cashins. Everything is just a click away, from the reversal of an Ecommerce transaction to the creation of automatic transaction reports, and many other features. With omnichannel solutions, you can offer In-store customers the same payment methods they use online, to retain them and increase sales redemption thanks to the use of over 250 alternative payment methods that can be integrated in the Ecommerce platform.

The innovative payment methods proposed include Pay By Link, the solution that allows end customers to finalise their purchase by receiving an email containing a payment link, or by scanning a QR code generated by myStore. The user is redirected to the web page where the transaction can be concluded. Pay by Link features simplicity, immediacy and security (the service complies with PSD2 and all European regulations on payments and reduces opportunities for close contact, respecting all social distancing rules); in fact, payments can be requested and managed in real time from the Axerve dashboard. Pay By Link allows to have an additional payment method to those already in store and, in fact, also allows Ecommerce sales.

In addition to the manual mode that can be activated in the store, the service is also available via API following an upstream integration and the development of an interface by the merchant for data entry.

In-Store solutions for the Italian market

  • Axerve POS Easy
    Dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, this solution allows merchants to reduce acceptance costs thanks to a simple and clear flat rate, which includes all commissions, otherwise they can buy the POS, with just a commission and no fixed costs. The POS Easy with the flat rate includes POS rental and transaction amount collection fees. The monthly cost varies according to the total of receipts from the POS each year. Each month Axerve sends a communication with the total transactions made by the device, and merchants can constantly monitor their progress in their personal area. Easy has the advantage of being able to connect to any IBAN, freeing the merchant from opening a dedicated bank account.
    The POS is equipped with 4G and Wi-fi connectivity and is provided with a SIM with data traffic included. It also allows to accept smartphone payments with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Hype.
    The services offered include 7 day per week support service and a Dashboard that allows an analysis of transactions in real time to gather useful insights for developing business.
    The POS API solution proposed by Axerve allows to automate all payment management functions such as receipts and refunds, and the timely verification of transactions by eliminating manual activities.
    The different API calls allow you to set a transaction to start automatically when certain conditions are met. For example, with the authorisation call you can decide when a payment should be authorised by setting predefined rules (for selling subscription products or services). The solution also allows you to check the card that is making a payment.
  • Cashin
    Solution for stores and retail chains that allows merchants to digitise cash, relieving them of the risks cash entails by installing one or more Smart Safe Cases at the point of sale. Once installed, the cash paid is credited directly to the bank account (in real time to a Banca Sella current account. If another bank is chosen, availability is guaranteed by the second business day) and then it is no longer the merchant's responsibility to bear.
    When the machine approaches its limits in terms of amount or number of banknotes, a collection request is automatically sent to the cash transport company.
    Axerve offers several Cashin models that manage multiple deposit users, ensuring the complete reconciliation of all collections. In addition, merchants can verify all transactions in real time through the myStore dashboard.
    Upon reaching the capacity limit, the machine notifies the collection company in advance, relieving the merchant of the risks related to managing cash.
    Cashins are installed with state-of-the-art techniques and connect to our servers via the GPRS network to increase their security and allow comfortably depositing cash directly from your store.
    Cashin's monthly rental fee includes all the services necessary for cash management and support, both remotely and nationwide.
To learn more about Axerve watch the video below.
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