Download for free Axerve’s latest whitepaper on payment orchestration. Find out more

Download for free Axerve’s latest whitepaper on payment orchestration. Find out more


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Fashion in all its forms


The greatest strength of the Miroglio Group is that of a large organization committed to developing products and services throughout the fashion supply chain, generating value for their customers.

Miroglio operates in 20 countries around the world, with 3 production plants, 35 subsidiaries, 9 fashion brands and 900 single-brand stores that satisfy over 5 million customers.

Identifying a strategic partner for the payment management

The Group's mission is to seize the best opportunities and create the perfect conditions for the development of products and services throughout the fashion supply chain, with the experience of those who have been creating, producing and selling for over a century.

The initial choice of Axerve, even before the Sella group, as partner for the payment management by Miroglio, stems from the companies’ shared values. Both companies have invested in innovation and products for over a century to seize opportunities that correspond to their customers’ needs.

The 30-year-old partnership between the two companies has expanded into the development of omnichannel projects, in which Axerve is a strategic partner for the payment management in all the markets, in which Miroglio operates.

The solution: A cross-channel environment for the payment management, in-store and online, in Italy and all over the world

In-store transactions*
Thanks to the installation of an advanced version of POS, today Miroglio manages payments with credit and debit cards of the main national and international circuits, as well as through the most used digital wallets in the world, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Cash management*
Axerve’s cashin machines have been installed in many of the Miroglio Group’s stores (Oltre, Motivi and Fiorella Rubino brands). The machines allow cash that is paid inside the store to be automatically transferred to a single or multiple bank accounts if necessary.

Miroglio uses the Axerve Ecommerce Solutions gateway to manage online payments and has already integrated various alternative payment systems, relying on Axerve Guaranteed Payments for fraud prevention.

Omnichannel projects
The solid partnership between Miroglio and Axerve aims to anticipate the needs of the consumer, offering them a shopping experience, in which payment becomes invisible and, at the same time, integrated into a homogeneous path for the end customer.

We work alongside the Miroglio Group to accompany them in their growth, with the goal of contributing to the increase of their customer loyalty and maximizing business results thanks to our payment solutions. The relationship that binds the two companies goes beyond the simple supplier-customer relationship, but rather it translates into a partnership that, over time, is contributing to the growth of both companies on a global level.

*The in-store and cashin services are not available at this moment outside of Italy, this case examines the stores of Miroglio Group in Italy.
“We have been using the Axerve platform for quite some time; and in these years our Ecommerce business has grown also thanks to their ability to support us and constantly provide us with innovative solutions"
Dario Anghelakis Miroglio Group Treasury Accountant

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