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How to identify a partner to help the brand go international


Giglio - a company entirely owned and run by the Italian Giglio family - was born in the sixties from a fabric shop that has been able to grow over the years and is now a consolidated reality in the world of luxury clothing and accessories, thanks to Giglio’s points of sale and online shop.

The challenge

In the second half of the nineties, Giuseppe Giglio, CEO of the company and son of the founder Michele, sensed that the best way to grow the company while innovating would be to seize the opportunities of the digital world. In 1996 he decided to register the first domain; however the real turning point came in 2013, the year in which the company switched to a proprietary platform.

In this context, the new challenge is being able to identify a partner that can support the company in the management of increasingly numerous payments. In fact, payment figures are growing in double figures, year on year, with an increasingly international and demanding audience.

Becoming international

To face an increasingly global market.

Platform reliability

To ensure the best possible user experience.

Fraud prevention

To manage a particularly affected product sector.

Alternative payments

To meet the increasingly fragmented needs of an international clientele.

The solution: a gateway capable of transforming itself according to the market change

"The customer is always right" is the one and simple rule that the Giglio family has passed on for generations and on which the very concept of user experience is based. If the customer does not consider their own shopping experience as more than satisfactory, they will hardly give us a second chance.

Starting from these assumptions the company constantly invests in the platform - which is regularly updated - not only in terms of the commercial offer. The site is aimed at an international audience: the information is available in 8 languages, payments are accepted in over 50 currencies and there are 13 types of payment integrations to meet the needs of a varied clientele, both regarding the countries they live in and their habits and approach to the digital world.

In line with the company's first mover status, Giglio was the first business to adopt Axerve Guaranteed Payments, our fraud prevention service based on machine learning. Thanks to this tool, manual activities to safeguard revenue have been significantly reduced and the tool's ability to identify false positives has led to an increase in the authorization rate, which resulted in immediate benefits to the income statement.

The company has set very challenging goals for themselves for the next years. In order to reach them and continuously grow, it is essential to keep innovating, without ever forgetting the golden rule: the customer is always right.

Quick and easy integration for a service that allows us to offer our customers all over the world an excellent range of payment systems, guaranteeing security and convenience when purchasing. Axerve is a key partner for the success of our Ecommerce.
Giuseppe Giglio – CEO & Founder

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