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Unique and integrated solutions to manage payments in all shapes and forms in all online channels.

Accept payments with Satispay

With Axerve Ecommerce Solutions you can activate Satispay in your Ecommerce and begin to receive online payments via smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The advantages of Satispay

Satispay is a payment system totally independent from credit and debit card circuits; it increases conversion rates, reduces shopping cart abandonment rates and eliminates the charge-back risk. Make the most of the simplicity and speed Satispay can offer you. Learn more about the advantages of Satispay.

Make your Ecommerce more competitive

Activate Satispay and look towards a more and more mobile future. Your customers will only have to enter their mobile phone number and confirm payment using their smartphone.

Add Satispay to your Ecommerce

Find out how to activate Satispay with our technical documentation.

Payment Orchestra™

A global payment gateway aggregator, which allows your business to carry out international ecommerce payments.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions encompasses infinite possibilities for the personalisation of services that you can offer to your customers.

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