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Complaints and disputes

Assistance and administrative requests

For administrative requests (e.g. Calculation of interest and charges (for a specific period) for Ecommerce, SEPA setup delay and consequent missed invoices fees) and assistance requests, refer exclusively to our Assistance section or fill out the dedicated form, since this section is dedicated to problems not within the competence of the administrative office.

Filing a complaint

How to file a complaint

You can file a complaint with Axerve S.p.A. via the following communication channels:



Certified e-mail

Postal address:

AXERVE S.P.A. – Ufficio Reclami (Complaints Department), Via Corradino Sella 10, 13900 Biella (BI), Italy



Certified e-mail

Postal address:

AXERVE S.P.A. – Ufficio Reclami (Complaints Department), Via Corradino Sella 10, 13900 Biella (BI), Italy

Response time

Axerve S.p.A. in order to uphold a complaints management process compliant with regulatory requirements, is committed to guarantee:

  • Maximum response time that does not exceed 15 working days since the complaint is received, relating to products and services that fall under the category of "payment services", for which Axerve has received appropriate authorization from the Supervisory Authority. In extraordinary situations and due to circumstances beyond control when Axerve is unable to meet this deadline, the company is obliged to send the customer an interlocutory reply, clearly indicating the reasons for the delay and specifying the deadline within which the customer will get a definitive answer. Axerve will respond promptly and, in any case, within 30 days of receipt of the complaint, while keeping the deadlines unchanged.
  • Maximum response time that does not exceed 30 days after the complaint relating to other products and services offered to customers is received.
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Other modalities - disputes and mediation

Other modalities - disputes and mediation (Ecommerce Services - Payment Facilitator)

If you are not satisfied with the response provided by Axerve or have not received them, we remind you that, according to the current legislation, you have the possibility to contact:

The Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF):
The ABF is an out-of-court dispute resolution system that offers a simpler, quicker and cheaper alternative to going to court. It is an independent and impartial organization that decides in a matter of few months who is right and who is wrong in the disposition.

For more information on this system you can:
- visit the website
- refer to the guide "A simple guide to the ABF (ITA)" in PDF format

The Financial and Banking Conciliator (even in the absence of a prior complaint):
The Financial and Banking Conciliator is an association that offers various ways to address and resolve issues between banking/financial intermediaries and their customers.

You can contact this organization if you choose to entrust the dispute to an independent third party, called a "mediator" (which will be chosen by the Financial and Banking Conciliator), the mediator will have the task of facilitating the parties in reaching an agreement.

For more information on this organization you can:
- visit the website
- send an e-mail to this address

We would like to point out that it is mandatory, before taking legal action, to attempt to "mediate a dispute", which means to call the counterpart to present before one of the mediation parties listed in the appropriate Register and thus attempt to reach an agreement. For example, the aforementioned ABF, Conciliatore Bancario Finanziario or any other organization recognized by the Ministry of Justice, can assist in carrying out this mandatory attempt to "mediate a dispute".

Report on complaints management activity

The report is prepared annually in compliance with the Bank of Italy Regulation from 29/07/2009 on the subject of "Transparency of banking and financial operations and services - Correct conduct between intermediaries and customers" and subsequent additions.


Complaints Management: an opportunity for growth and improvement for Axerve and the Sella group

Dialogue with customers is the basis of trust and transparency in our company-client relationship. This is why we provide a wide range of channels to get in touch with our bank group and communicate suggestions, opinions and ideas for improvement. We are committed on a daily basis to collect and analyze what derives, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, from our customers’ direct contact and experience with our products and services.
The management of a complaint represents for us an important moment of listening in order to respond better to the needs of our customers. The primary objective of the proper complaint management is to restore the satisfaction and trust of our customer in the company, our products and services that unite us with the client (our group’s heritage), by providing support and collaborating proactively in order to promptly and effectively address the client’s needs, while generating added value.
Thanks to a careful complaint management and analysis, and the reasons that caused it, we are able to collect valuable information that is a motivation to improve.


Report on complaints management activity for 2021

During 2021 Axerve S.p.A. has not received any complaints relating to products and services under the category of "payment services".